What Wise People Say

 Money doesn’t generate happiness but the lack of it can generate stress

 Live within your means and if you can’t, improve your means

 The value of money is the dreams it achieves and the people it helps

 Being on a budget is an opportunity to discover a healthy life outdoors

 If you depend on a single income it will always let you down

 Save first, spend second. Saving always trumps spending

 Look where you spend your money to see where your life priorities are

 Using a credit card is spending money you don’t own to make a bank rich

 Paying for yesterday’s purchases with tomorrow’s income at 20% interest

is insane, but banks call it our modern payment system

 They say not to put all your eggs in one basket when investing, but I say

don’t invest at all unless you know the hens and the basket weavers well

 If you want to make money try regarding yourself as the prime

investment asset and never stop doing improvements to it

 The portion of your income that you save today becomes the cornerstone

of the wealth that you are building for tomorrow

 Using credit to fund a lifestyle that you can’t afford means that you will

live in debt, lose your retirement to debt, and very likely die in debt

 Death does not extinguish debt; it only extinguishes the debtor

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