Receiving Money

A lot has been written about having the right mindset to receive money. Being an open vessel and repeating daily affirmations might work for some people, but for me it was just a process of constant self-improvement and persistent trying.

What I have experienced personally and observed in others over the years is that life is largely driven by the decisions we make, or more often than not, by the decisions we could have made but didn’t.

Every human being knows how to be his or her ‘own worst enemy’. Why?

Because we all know how to put ourselves in cruise control and live life on the path of least resistance. That is where daily life is run by a series of well-worn habits and routines. It’s repetitive and sometimes boring but it is also predictable and safe because we know it so well. It becomes a place that is difficult to leave.

In cruise-mode, we live life largely on auto-pilot and unless an emergency jumps out at us, or we experience enough discomfort and pain, we have little reason to engage common sense and make a change.

Common sense is that smart brain we all have that tells us every now and again how fantastic life could be if we chose to think and do differently. For some people that thought is all they need to explode into action. For others, it’s a prospect filled with anxiety.

It seems that many of us are hardwired to resist change; any change. We voluntarily stay poor, stay in unhappy relationships and live in stressful circumstances because it’s the place we know.

Change for the better is easy to resist because it is still change; and it involves the unpredictable and the unknown. For some, this is an exciting challenge but for others it can create fear. It’s not the fear of mortal danger, but more the disorientation and anxiety of an unfamiliar place.

Compare it to walking into a roomful of people you don’t know. For some it’s an exciting networking opportunity but for others it’s an experience filled with dread and they just want to go home (back to the familiar place).

Similarly, receiving more money is a change and sometimes it can be an anxious ride to an unfamiliar place. The obvious example is a low income earning couple who win millions of dollars in a lottery. They are suddenly thrust into wildly unfamiliar territory and it explains why the delirious happiness on the day of the win is short-lived and life so often reverts to their familiar place. That is, losing it all and being back on a low income.

However, receiving more money is not such an uncomfortable ride if it is the direct result of setting a goal, and taking action specifically designed to make more money; such as doing extra study, applying for a new job; working for a bonus, starting a business or investing.

So to receive more money comfortably, the fundamental message in the following order is:

 Think with your smart brain

 Use common sense

 Set a goal

 Make a plan

 Get doing on the plan immediately

 Don’t stop the doing

 Above all, don’t quit

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