If you want friendly encouragement, support, with education and some great ideas, then subscribe to Online Mentor.  Our weekly online meetings (via Goto Meeting) will help you stay on track and reach your debt free goal.  There will be other people on the same journey so you could meet a buddy and help each other by working together.  But don’t worry, we don’t give your name or details to anyone.  If you do get to know other people in the weekly meetings, it will be a voluntary introduction willingly made by you.

Just check out meeting availability each week and select the one most convenient for you.  You can join in the weekly online meetings with your camera on or off … it’s up to you.  You can participate or just listen and you can ask questions anytime.  Every week we have a different theme.  Sometimes it’s about credit cards and loans and things and other times it is about shopping, food, relaxation, experiences and other lifestyle topics.  It is designed to help you kick the spending and debt habit and make some positive changes in your life.

Once a month, you will be invited to a webinar where one of our experts or a guest speaker will talk about a wide range of money and lifestyle subjects.