Use APP-DIY if you want privacy or you feel as though you can do this yourself with no assistance from us at Change My Fortunes.  Of course you get the instructional video as well and that will show you how to use the App.  Our tip here is to be totally honest with yourself at the start.  That will give you the best results later on.

Once you purchase APP-DIY it’s yours forever.  You can use it, change it, reset it and keep it.  Just be aware that this is a web-based App so you will get the best out of it by using it on a PC or Mac.  It’s the bigger screen that is important here; the App doesn’t really lend itself to use on smaller devices.  Any problems just leave a message on the website chat box which is on the bottom right hand corner of this website.

If you purchase APP-DIY and you decide at any time that you need support and encouragement, you can upgrade to Online Mentor and join the weekly support meetings.  You will find the upgrade button in the right hand sidebar (on any page but the home page) on this website.