Are you uncomfortable or swimming in credit card or personal debt?

 Are you struggling to meet your minimum payments on cards and loans?

 Are you having trouble knowing how to start sorting it out?

 Is your debt situation stressing you out?

Learn How to Take Control of Your Personal Debt With An Easy-to-Use App That Anyone Can Follow

Instead of being dragged down by credit card and other personal debt, you can change your live forever.  You only need two ingredients to succeed.

We supply our unique app and supportive environment; and

You supply the change of mindset

Change My Debt Stress App

The App does what the name suggests.  It helps you relieve your debt stress by taking back control of your spending by reducing your credit card debt and personal loan debt.

 Discover how wicked indulgences and poor money habits can ruin your finances

 Learn just how little extra money is required to fast-track credit card repayment to zero

 Harness the power of the App’s self-motivation tool and use the weekly tracker to monitor your progress back into the black

Debt stress is no fun

We know from experience that debt wrecks lives.  Credit card, personal loan and payday loan debt can so easily spiral out of control and damage everything including quality of life, health, work and relationships.  Debt and its inherent stress can ruin your life on many levels.  We want to help you rid yourself of that stress so you can work towards to a better financial future.

Who are we?

We are Audrey Dawson and Gary Weigh and we are the architects of the Change My Debt Stress App.  Both Brisbane-based, Audrey is a CPA accountant and licensed super fund auditor; and Gary is a Master of Financial Planning qualified financial adviser and former lecturer at Griffith University.  

Our reason for being is to provide you with low cost tools, education and online support that can empower you to take control of your financial future so you can start kicking your bigger goals.

We are very proud of our Change My Debt Stress App because we know it can help you regain control over your personal debt and guide you back towards prosperity.  That alone is a life-changer and in many cases, a life-saver.

Try before you buy

We are not in the business of making quick sales.  We want to be with you on your journey, not just the journey out of personal debt, but with you when start kicking your bigger goals. We want to prove our worth as your online personal money management tutor.

So we offer you a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of the full Change My Debt Stress App, with all its innovative features.  Try it out and see for yourself.  We do ask you to register and we would love you to tell us what you think.  It’s up to you whether you go past 30-days or not but either way you are going to see some very clever tools in this app and you will get some great benefits, even inside 30-days.

For example, we think the App contains one the smartest and easiest to use ‘Get Started’ household money management tools anywhere.  Of course, the App’s real purpose is to help illuminate your path out of personal debt.  It will open your eyes to just what a big difference a mere few dollars a week can make to reduce your credit card or personal loan debt.

What our App and our support can do to improve your life

Basic training in personal money management is missing in Australia, particularly in the way personal debt is used.  Our aim is to fix that.

Change My Debt Stress is an app pathway which encourages you to take control of your growing personal debt.  By finding small spending cuts and applying them to additional debt repayment, the App will help you find your own path out of debt and back into the black.

Get-rich-quick and buy-stuff-regardless are money behaviours that people typically default to in the absence of knowledge-based alternatives.  Managing money responsibly involves the basics of earning, saving and value-added spending. These are the life skills we will equip you with so you can build wealth slowly.

With our help, you can learn these basic, time-tested principles of managing your own money. It starts with self-driven debt reduction which is built into Change My Debt Stress App.  Using a combination of your willpower and our expert support in the Online Mentor program, you will soon be losing some of your old money habits and learning new ones.  

When you learn what to do, you can then take control of your money and start your journey back from debt to financial freedom. If you can do that, just imagine what else you could do with further knowledge and know-how?  

The Benefits of Change My Debt Stress App

 Lose your debt stress by getting off the revolving personal debt merry-go-round

Save the thousands of dollars you currently pay in unnecessary interest

Stop the arguments over money and allow  peace to reign in your household

Move away from the financial precipice and secure your family’s finances

Don’t allow future income to be gouged by interest on yesterday’s spending

Turn exorbitant interest payments into exorbitant personal savings

Imagine a welcome return to peace of mind and a good night’s sleep

If you can work your way out of debt with a little knowledge and guidance, just imagine what else you could do

What lies beyond your 30-Day FREE TRIAL?

Once you have experienced the 30 day free trial of the Change My Debt Stress App we are sure you will want to keep going and we offer you two alternatives to continue your journey with us.  The reason we provide two paid options is because we know everyone is different.   When you click your selection you will go to our registration page and then onto PayPal if you have selected a paid version.

 Use App-DIY if you want to stay anonymous and use the App in private (help is always available if you ask for it)…Click Here to learn more 

Use Online Mentor if you prefer to be part of a group on the same journey with access to expert guidance.  This program offers group support and education, with mentoring via regular online group meetings, webinars and chat lines to keep you on track… Click here to learn more 

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