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1. Get instant access to our valuable and growing resource library.

Immediately after signing up, you’ll get access to our growing library of valuable fact sheets and interviews with other professionals in our Fortunes Family

2. We will email you when there is something new in the library

Our members library grows each month and we will let you know when a new resource is uploaded.

3. Enjoy exclusive discounts on the tools you need to change your fortunes

Just for joining up (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME) you will be eligible for a discount on the non-member price of all new App releases and other learning tools.  We don’t just teach personal money and lifestyle education, we practice it daily and provide the tools for you to make a positive difference in your life. We continue to build an entire suite of Lifestyle Creator tools, plus expert support. We’ll show you how to get more out of our tools, while charging you less to use them.


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1. Access to a Wealth of Structured Training Videos

This is where you need to be if you want to learn all about money and how to manage your money well.  This training video series starts off with basic principles and slowly moves though all aspects of money – e.g. the power of money, earning it, keeping it, how to save it, and how to spend it in a way that will long term add value.  This video collection on all aspects of money is priceless knowledge.  It is designed and produced by Change My Fortunes co-founder and Master of Financial Planning, Gary Weigh, together with our own film crew.  All your money questions are answered here.  And if you do have a question or a subject you’d like to know more about, simple send Gary a message and it will be produced.

2. Get answers to your pressing questions on monthly Q&A sessions with our founders and outside experts

Email your questions using our member only email address and your specific question will answered in detail in one of our monthly educational webinars, either by the Change My Fortunes founders or one of our other professionals, many of whom normally aren’t available to you.

3. Peek behind the scenes at one member’s success story for new inspiration

We believe there’s a wealth of collective wisdom in our Change My Fortunes program. That’s why once a month, we sit down with a member who’s successfully using our solutions to improve his or her life. We ask him or her to share what’s working now, lessons learned, and insider tips and techniques discovered the hard way.

4. Exclusive access to new app products prior to release

Exclusive access to new our App products for private testing as they are developed prior to release.  As an Early Adopter’ we will invite you to use and review our new products.


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