Keeping Money

Keeping money is more than simply not spending it. You can spend it but when you do it is critical that you don’t waste it.

The list of ways to waste money is exceedingly long and I am sure you already know it very well. Instead, let’s look at the top three (3) ways that you can spend money wisely and avoid wasting it.

Essentials for life

It is important to spend on the essentials of life. Staying alive and well is a pre-condition to receiving and keeping money. So you need to live somewhere, eat healthy food and pay the household bills.

Everyone likes a treat but it is becomes unnecessary and expensive to treat yourself all the time, by eating out, living on takeaway or over-spending on personal indulgences. Even more wasteful and damaging to health is smoking and dependencies on other addictions.

Developing yourself

Developing yourself is the way to transform yourself into a valuable resource that people want to employ, associate with or buy from. It is an investment in your most important asset – you!

Ways to improve yourself are endless but they include training, education and learning aimed at accelerating your career. It also includes improving your mind and body. This could include travel, yoga, and martial arts.

Learning comes in many forms. It doesn’t have to be tertiary education or formal training courses. But it does involve reading absorbing knowledge, experiencing life, and learning directly from those you choose as teachers.

There is an old saying in martial arts, ”Always maintain a beginner’s mind.” It means always be open to learning. Learning eventually helps you get to the doorstep of opportunity and the process of gathering more knowledge does help expel fear of the unknown. When you know you are capable of doing more, you become braver, more inquisitive and more adventurous.

For example, knowing about money and knowing where to get help with the things you don’t know help a lot when it comes to making financial decisions.

The other key to self-development is forming relationships with other like-minded people. In my experience, like-minded people are the key to opportunity. The quickest way to gain the attention of someone you want to network with or learn from is be humble, ask politely and give before you take.

Everyone has the potential to be very good at something. The challenge for each of us is to find that one something. The first step is to get your brain off auto-pilot and engage the smart brain. The second step is to start learning or keep learning and go outside and meet people.

Purchases of value which can make you more money

This is the area where most people have trouble.

Spending money on a new car, iPhone, smart TV, gadgets and gaming for example is fun but none of those purchases has any lasting value. Their obsolescence rate is high so their value drops quickly.

Furthermore, it you buy them using credit, it is likely your debt will outlast the life of the item purchased. So although you might feel that wheels, communication and entertainment are essential to your life, they fall under the category of wasting money unless you really do have the means to afford it.


Spending money on an investment for most is neither fun nor entertaining and, in fact can be downright boring. However, it does create something of lasting value, together with the means to make more money, without having to get out of bed to earn it.

It is about earning and accumulating money early so that you can afford the fun later. Most people reverse this process and want on fun and self-indulgence immediately, without the means to do so.

When the credit card becomes the means, the resulting interest charges and bank fees become the greatest waste of money ever.

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