Getting in Over Your Head

Why does a level-headed, sensible person like you get into so much debt?

Statistics show that more households are living beyond their means and relatively few are keeping even a simple a household budget.  This is a big worry because it shows that personal money management problems are getting worse in Australia, not better.

Credit cards are increasingly being used to pick up the spending shortfall that household income can’t cover and overall, households are saving less.

Add to that the new-age attitude of entitlement where wanting now and buying now means having now and pay later.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Even without debt, financial hardship is never far away if you have no savings and no resources to fall back on.  It only takes one thing to go wrong in life; a crushing blow from left field or even a simple misadventure to send your household into financial chaos.

So let’s look at the reasons why you and so many other people are in over their head with personal debt.

  • A poor understanding of the basics of money management
  • Not enough income for your level of spending
  • Living life week to week with no plan for your future
  • No constraints on spending
  • Your attitude of ‘I am entitled right now’
  • Credit is easier than saving
  • Treating a credit card as an additional source of income
  • No understanding of how your credit card actually works
  • Emotional or addiction problems that are reflected in your spending
  • No savings and nothing in reserve
  • No reserves, contingency or financial protection

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