Change My Fortunes Active Support Program

Active Support: Ongoing access to online weekly meetings

As a valued Change My Fortunes Inner Circle Member, you have the opportunity to actively participate in our ongoing education, support and encouragement program. These are weekly group mentoring sessions, conducted online and led by one of our experienced mentors, or an invited guest.

Each week, we will present a different theme and you will be invited to join a weekly 1-hour live online group. You will have a wide choice of convenient times each week, both during the day and early evening.

There will be no pressure on you. First names only will be used. You are welcome to listen and learn, and hear what other people have to say, and at any time you feel comfortable, you are welcome to participate.

You will always be able to see and communicate with your mentor. However, it is your choice whether your face is seen by others in the group. So turn your camera on or off as you choose.

As we respect your privacy, we do not share your details or identity with anyone. However, Inner Circle membership is a community and you are welcome to buddy-up with one or more inner circle members and continue your journey together. In our experience, a team that urges each other on has a very high chance of success. If you ask us, we will put you in touch with other members who also express interest in a buddy-up.

We will also be presenting monthly webinars with guest speakers and these will be information packed sessions that will feature great guest speakers.  We are sure that you will get so much out of these session which promise to be motivational and inspirational on your journey to being debt free and stress free.  We will also be recording them so if you can’t be there live you will still be able to catch all the action!