Extra Cash is not That Hard to Find

When it comes to tightening the belt and preparing a budget, most people immediately think about cutting back household expenses. Most don’t consider the possibility of increasing income.  While it seems harder it is definitely the greater opportunity. Who cares what you spend if you have more than enough income to cover it right? It is ‘poverty […]

How important it is to always have some savings

The only certainty in life is that it is unpredictable.  So it is crucial to have some money behind you when the unexpected happens. Note that I said ‘when’ not ’if’. It is a mistake to assume that life will always go on as it has in the past.  At some point, life will serve […]

It’s Never too Late to Save and Invest

It might appear tough to save but that thinking will keep you in your present comfort zone forever.  And will keep you poor and in debt.  It is a matter of prioritising saving over some of your current spending.  Notice I said ‘some‘ of your spending, not all of it.  Something has to give to make […]

Credit cards are not the problem

So often, Australia’s household debt problem is blamed on credit cards, but plastic is not the problem. Greed, impatience and bad money attitude are the problems. When credit cards were first introduced, back in the good old days they were seen as an emergency only safeguard. People would use the card only in emergencies, and […]

Dying With Credit Card Debt – What Really Happens

One of the biggest risks of living your life in credit card debt is getting used to it.  Allowing credit card debt repayment to become a normal part of your life is not a great idea.  There can be serious repercussions.  In life, carrying card debt seriously erodes your ability to save or sometimes even […]

The Credit Card Trap

You and almost half of all Australians are repaying credit card debt but what you may not realise is that you are being set up to be paying off credit card debt for the rest of your life. The trap is this: Believing that your minimum credit card payment amount is enough to avoid interest charges; […]

Why do People get Deeper and Deeper into Debt

How does it happen?  Why to everyday normal, sensible people find themselves sinking further and further into personal debt? The answer is not a simple one but here are a few common reasons: Australian money culture has changed its money psyche from saving to spending Because cash is largely absent from the purchase transaction, we […]

Getting in Over Your Head

Why does a level-headed, sensible person like you get into so much debt? Statistics show that more households are living beyond their means and relatively few are keeping even a simple a household budget.  This is a big worry because it shows that personal money management problems are getting worse in Australia, not better. Credit […]