The Company

Change My Fortunes Pty Ltd has the single focus of providing Australians with basic money training and developing simple DIY tools to help you manage your own money and make better financial decisions.  

Our first innovative product release is Change My Debt Stress.  This is a web-app to help you check spending and work your way out of personal debt.  It comes in in 2 forms and your choice is simple.  Get the App with or without help.

EITHER Buy App-DIY with one single payment of $99.50 and work your way out of debt in your own time OR if you would like help and support along the way, subscribe to Online Mentor for $45 per month and join our meeting and webinars. 

The biggest buzz for us is knowing that our low cost DIY solutions have the potential to get you back on the path to prosperity.  We want to empower you and every other Australian to take control of your personal finances, navigate your own financial future and ultimately build the lifestyle you want.

Change My Fortunes does not provide financial advice. The information we provide is freely available in the public domain and should not be regarded as advice.  All users of our services should seek their own independent advice about their personal circumstances.

The Founder

Gary Weigh

Gary 3Gary is one of the most knowledgeable and credible teachers of financial literacy in Australia.  He holds both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Financial Planning degree and, as part of a long financial coaching and advisory career, was a part time lecturer at Griffith University; teaching financial planning subjects in both Bachelor and Masters courses.  Many of his former students are now well-known financial professionals.

It is Gary’s passion for teaching people basic money management that led him to build and operate this site.  10 years as a business coach plus a further 20 years as a financial adviser have served to highlight that the majority of Australians do not understand how to manage their own money and therefore cannot build the life they want.

It is unfortunate that the spending trend is still biased towards instant gratification using credit, rather than finding the will to wait and save.  Credit cards, payWave and other instant payment options are not the problem.  The problem is simple over-spending and under-saving.

If a person has no training in the basics of personal money management, the endless offers of credit cards, personal loans, payday loans and reward schemes, can appear to be normal money practice.  Of course, this is nothing new.  Moneylenders have been getting rich off the ignorance of ordinary people for centuries, which is why almost half of all Australian households are financially paralysed.

It’s time to wake up and learn how to take take of yourself and enrich your future.

Gary’s Story

Gary Weigh

The eldest son of a milkman, I found out what hard work was at a very young age.  My Dad, Cliff Weigh, was the old fashioned type of milkman, delivering door to door at night, six days a week, through rain hail or star shine.  I spent a lot of time working in the family milk business from age 6 to 19, sometimes six nights a week, midnight to dawn, to keep the deliveries going when Dad’s chronic back disabled him.  This was indeed the original family business concept – that is, all hands on deck in an emergency.  Of course, it also meant a lot of time away from school, which was reflected in some fairly ordinary grades at the time.

Part of the reason for starting Change My Fortunes is to kick-start a return to the simple principles of money management prior to credit cards, pay wave and online transacting.  I learnt many valuable financial lessons being raised in a conservative household in post war cash society.  My parents set great example of hard work, saving and spending prudently.  These are old fashion values of a bygone time but I know in my heart that if they were practiced today, Australians wouldn’t owe in excess of a ridiculous $50 billion in credit card debt.

Dad died at age 50 when I was just 24.  Such an early passing suddenly forced a lot of family responsibility me.  I grew up overnight and whether I wanted to or not, I was cut free on my own life journey.  There was also a grieving Mum and younger brother to care for.  It took a few years to really get my mind together but eventually I realised that my future was in my own two hands, so I started making plans for an epic career change from being a geological assistant.

A three year stint as a full time Commerce student at Queensland University in my early 30’s led me into the world of business consulting and two decades later, after years of valuable learning and experience in two well known accounting firms, to a State role with an insurance, superannuation and investment product provider.  That was the turning point.  Three years in grubby corporate life watching the disgraceful behaviour of national executives was enough for me.  I vowed then that this would be the last time anyone would control my life.  It’s was liberating feeling to finally realise that the title on my business card wasn’t me.

I left to become a self employed financial adviser.  I knew that to be up there with the best, I would need the impeccable qualifications that tertiary education provides.  Two years later I graduated with a Masters degree in Financial Planning and a career as professional who could actually provide knowledgeable, strategic and problem solving advice; not just a cowboy selling commission-based products.

But that still wasn’t enough.  In an industry besieged by the dishonest and dishonorable actions of a never ending stream of rogues and thieves, I had to rise above that to be highly trustworthy and recommended by word of mouth.  And that I did.

I am now where I am meant to be.  I am also debt free and able to do what I am passionate about.  In the early days, with a young family, my goal was pretty simple; to make money.  But since then my goals have changed a lot.  Today it is about the greater good and making a change in this country.  Making more money is not the focus.  What is important is that I have the gift of knowledge to share it in an innovative way that has never been done before.   My retirement goal is to make financial life easier for other people.

The legacy I want to leave in this world is to manufacture low cost DIY solutions which have the potential to serve the greater good of Australia by allowing everyone to do their own planning.  I want to empower every Australian to take control of their personal finances, and to be able to navigate their own financial future and ultimately build the lifestyle they want.  If I can achieve that, I will die a happy man.

Best wishes



This site does not provide personal financial advice.  It provides valuable financial literacy education only.  If we do receive a specific request for personal advice, that advice will be provided quite separately by Gary in his capacity as a licensed adviser and the requesting client will be provided with a Financial Services Guide and clearly informed as to who is providing the advice.   Both Gary Weigh and his company financial services company, Gary Weigh & Associates Pty Ltd are Authorised Representatives of Australian Financial Services Licensee, Australian Mortgage and Financial Advisers Pty Ltd (AMAFA) AFSL No. 389206.   Although AMAFA is Gary’s licensee, it has no association with Change My Fortunes financial education and takes no responsibility for any information provided on this site.